SOLAR ALVURA - The Weight Loss Retreat - Algarve

Beautiful hotel in stunning countryside only surpassed by the warm welcome and weight loss support from Dr Eva. 

I live just 40 minutes from the Solar Alvura Health Hotel. This was my fourth visit which, in itself, is testimony to the fact that I just love it there. It gives me a few days of discipline to keep me on the straight and narrow with my weight loss. I always receive a warm welcome from Dr Eva and her staff. Every time I have been in a different room and they are all stunning - the attention to detail in each of them is amazing - I am a glutton for luxury bed linen and that is just what you get. We had a cookery demonstration and learned how to cook a low carb, low calorie aubergine parmigiana - that may not be the right name but the ingredients were similar and it tasted so good. We dined outside looking over an orchard with beautiful country views. It's nice to have crisp white table linen too. Pedro gave me the most amazing massage - he has magic hands and an indulgence I look forward to during every visit. Thank you Dr Eva and your wonderful staff.... As you know, I will be back for my long weekend of luxury and grounding in September!!